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  • personal piece I created years ago. morning commute

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  • Kong: Skull Island – Mysterious Crypt of the Kongs
    Jordan-Voigt Roberts asked me early on to help him develop and contribute on Kong very early in the development phase. Was great working with him.

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  • Godzilla – Cocoon containment facility
    Some of my Godzilla work, The Cocoon itself was designed by the talented Dominic Lavery. My Assignment was to do the initial design of the science facility. It ended up pretty close to my design in the final film

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  • I was approached by the Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to collaborate on some Metal Gear Solid concept art and contribute to his passion project the MGS film. Had an awesome time working With Jordan on Skull Island and jumped at the chance.
    To celebrating the anniversary of Metal Gear Solid games, Jordan is sharing for 31 days a piece…Read More

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