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Interview with Freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator Kamila Szutenberg

Kamila is a Polish artist based in Germany who does beautiful moody environments and also some character work. She has been doing concept art...

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Interview with Sylvain Tohad Sarrailh, game and movie industry concept artist

As a professional concept artist for the video game and movie industry for the past 10 years, Sylvain “Tohad” Sarrailh has worked on projects...

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IAMAG Master Classes 16 Coverage : Day #1

IAMAG Master Classes 2016 counted with 16 of the “top of the cream” speakers, sharing their knowledge on the CG Arts of 2D, 3D,...

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IAMAG Master Classes 16 : Day #3

Just imagine. Imagine you’re in a dreamland, a wonderland of the CG ARTs where anything is possible, where wishes can come to life. Now,...

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IAMAG Master Classes 16 : Day #2

After the first day of Master Classes,  the adventure through knowledge and celebration of the CG Arts continued. This was a peculiar day, nonetheless. Even...

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Interview with Pierangelo Boog, modern master of traditional and digital techniques

I.A.M. talks to Pierangelo Boog, illustrator from Switzerland and modern master. He shares stories about his career, techniques and new art book. He also...

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Concept Artist Even Mehl Amundsen share his experience in an insightful interview

Norwegian concept artist Even Mehl Amundsen talks about his studies, career and technique in an insightful interview. As he shares his experience in the...

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