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  • This is an AI with a physical body. ‘HD’ stands for House Drive: it helps families and individuals to run their homes, both by doing chores, running schedules, fixing things and helping or nursing the elderly, children and sick people or those with disabilities.
    ‘KK’ is it’s name.
    – HD KK has a skin that is almost completely white – but you can…Read More
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  • Hello everyone! It has been a while! I am glad to be back! I share here some of my latest sketches 🙂

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  • The Alluring Breeze II – This is a follow up of my previous illustration 🙂
    Painted from memory, for fun! (Sometimes I like to check if I still have memory! 😛 )
    I had looked at a reference for the torso/arm of the girl, as you see below.
    Airbrushes, a little bit of Sargent Brush and Sponge.
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