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  • Hello everyone! It has been a while! I am glad to be back! I share here some of my latest sketches 🙂

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  • The Alluring Breeze II – This is a follow up of my previous illustration 🙂
    Painted from memory, for fun! (Sometimes I like to check if I still have memory! 😛 )
    I had looked at a reference for the torso/arm of the girl, as you see below.
    Airbrushes, a little bit of Sargent Brush and Sponge.
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  • The Alluring Breeze – After a looong period just posting sketches, studies, paintovers of old pieces and workshop/tutorial artworks – I have at last a finished piece for my personal portfolio 🙂
    Done between client work that I can neither share or talk about 😛 Painter 2019 – Airbrush, Sargent Brush and a little bit of Sponge.
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