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  • I fell in love with the ‘Thick Paint’ brush set, dis a test to ry it for the first time. I am very pleased with the natural colors I can get ouf of them, not to mention an interesting traditional media flavour. This is a small painting,1000×794 px in low res. It has no details, just color and values. Now I will apply the technique on upcoming…Read More

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  • Quick study/sketch I did this evening 🙂 This is part of a Sequential Art series of sketches, where I will draw this same subject in different angles/poses. More to come!
    Reference: Surrender to the Dakness music video by one of my favourite bands, BlutEngel.

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  • Back to my comfort zone with airbrushes and some realism.
    I used a particle brush for the floating edges of the charater’s dress.
    I used sponge to add fine grain at the end of the process.
    Painter 2019

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  • Citadel- Portfolio work. It was a nice learning curve. It went on slow, but I loved the process.
    Artist’s Oils: Real Clumpy Broad Bristle + Dry Palette Knife on Painter 2019

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