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  • The Good – From The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
    Study done for my portfolio 🙂 (Taking it with me to the IAMC 2019 😀 )
    First time I try to make a full painting with Sargent’s Drippy Jellyfish brush – Painter 2019.
    This brush is very nice and became one of my favs, but it may be difficult people starting out, since it is very wild to control…Read More

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  • The Night of Elisa Architecture Concepts – Some #sketches showing the overall style of Duskland. The #architecture is a mix of Victorian + Funeral Gothic, and it has a slightly small scale and narrow spaces between the buildings. That’s because when seen from above, it reminds the viewer of an European Gothic Cemetery or City of the Dead.

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  • The Night of Elisa Environment Concept – Leonhard’s Painting Room – he is the protagonist together with Elisa.
    – Spoiler Alert –
    Leonhard is a DEAD depressed vampire and he is a painter. He could never forgive himself for harming the one person that he loved. he holds on to his guilt, by always painting her memory.

    Tech: I used different oil…Read More

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  • The Night of Elisa Ornament Concepts – Here are some Ornament sketches I developed for the realm of DUSKLAND. There’s a harmony with all ornaments and carvings within the story. They are based on waves and the subliminal message of the ‘heart’ symbol. The book itself is rich in subliminal messages and much that reads ‘between the lines’ so the…Read More

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