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  • Been a while since I posted here, due to busy schedule and travel! Glad to be back. Sharing some thumbnail studies of lighting and water I did some weeks back. I spent some time on these, but they are fairly loose. Just trying to build some brain muscle.
    Times were: sun up, mid-day, afternoon, sun down.

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  • Pére Lachaise Cemetery – Quick drawings — Since I can’t share anything of what I am working on these days – I share a collection of quick studies I did of sculptures at the Pére Lachaise cemetery in Paris.
    These small drawings are very quick, it was more about speed and shape. This is also their actual size.
    ~ Painter.

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  • “Souvenirs” – When I was in Paris for the IAMAG Master Classes 19, by the end of the second day, I was walking across Bercy park and on the way to the hotel, when I saw that beautiful sunset behind the National Library. A week later, I composed this small painting as a memory of that day.
    On the technical side, I used the…Read More

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