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  • Three characters, who have lost their way, found a strange and mystery object, called INVERSE.
    “We are in an era without time, where the paradox is the main theme.”

    “Inverse” is a personal project I’m working on with my two fellows Kristo Neziraj and Matteo Policastrese.

    We will show you other concepts soon.

    Big surprise is…Read More

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  • “A lost Astronaut, survived a landing crash while approaching a planet, found a strange alien base which keeps a strange thing.
    This thing looks like an huge egg made by plazma.”

    PLAZMA is a personal project I decided to do in my holidays for pushing my rendering and lighting skills.
    I created it by using utopia kit and a model of astronaut I…Read More

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  • Little experiment I did two days ago.
    The Planet Earth by using the nodes of Blender.
    I’m really happy for this amazing result, because finally I improved my knowledge about nodes.
    This is just the beginning to the creation of other different planets.

    Breakdown here:

    Hope you like it!
    C&C are welcome

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About me

Domenico Sellaro

Concept Artist and Matte Painter

I’m a Concept Artist and Matte Painter for film and videogame industry.
In the last years I received different features from big companies, such as: Adobe, Curioos, Digital Artlords, Wacom, ArtStation, Behance etc…

I worked for different companies so far, such as: Jellyfish Pictures (Dreamworks Movie), Eclosion Games, Wacom, Mondadori, Meedori, Skylabs, Digital Artlords and Curioos.

I’m also the Founder and CEO of The Creative Dot, creative conference based in Catania (Italy) since 2014.

Now I’m living in London and while working on different projects, I’m looking for freelance works.


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