Meet our Speakers : Fausto De Martini

Fausto De Martini


Fausto De Martini is Concept Artist with great experience in the field of video game Cinematics and recently made a move to work as an Art Department’s concept Artist/Illustrator for movies. He started his career as a freelance cg generalist in Sao Paulo, Brazil and moved to US after landing a job at Blizzard Cinematics Dept.

After almost 10 years working at Blizzard he had the opportunity to change careers and started to work as a Concept Artist/Illustrator.

He was fortunate to work along many amazing artists on movies like Robocop, Transformers 4, Terminator:Genisys, Star Wars VII and he is currently on the Avatar Sequels.

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-2014 : current- Avatar Sequels- Concept Artist/Illustrator

-2013-2014 :  Star Wars VII- The Force Awakens- Concept Artist/Illustrator

-2012-2013 : Transformers 4- Age of Extinction- Concept Artist/Illustrator

-2003-2012 : Blizzard Cinematics Department- Modeling Supervisor and Art Director

Fausto De Martini will be one of Our 14 speakers at IAMAG.CO Master Classes 16 in Paris

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You can get your Video Ticket or Seat here

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