Eric Cunha and Seung Sung present Marcel, a funny animated short about two thieves squaring off for a fancy mustache.


Co-director: Eric Cunha
Co-director: Seung Sung
Original Score: Darren DeFranco
Sound Design: AG Sounds
Thesis Advisors: Joe Burrascano and Seth Gollub
Additional Animation: Jeff Bryson, MontaQue Ruffin, Kyle Moy
Additional Modeling: Hyun Jun Song, Yu Hai Shen, Stephanie Lin
2D Illustrations: Genae Parks, Ellen Su
Special Thanks: family and friends, John McIntosh, Nathan Love, Alumni Society of SVA, Boaz Livney, Frank Naranjo, Brian Frey, Richard Hagen, Falculty, Matt DeFranco, Sarah Kreykenbohm, and Jessenia Nauta

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