Mario Vs Bowser Lego
Mario Vs Bowser Lego

Making Of Mario Vs Bowser

Simon Bau, Mid compositor and a young director presents the making of his ‘Mario Vs Bowser’ 3D picture made for 3DVF Lego challenge this summer and his pipeline.

“I thought, when I saw the fantastic mecha bowser by Zane Houston that to create the epic battle between Bowser and Mario could be a great challenge. Influenced by Animal Logic and their fantastic The Lego Movie I wanted to follow their pipeline. Lego Digital Designer for the design and construction, then to use it in a 3D soft.

Every brick of the scene (more than 150 different bricks) were recreated. A script (made by a friend, Guillaume FERRACHAT ) was very useful to replace my bricks like they were in LDD (the actual bricks of LDD are not very clean or optimized…).

After that, the workflow is pretty normal… dressing, posing, texturing, shadering, lighting and render, like any other scene. And finally, compositing.I really enjoyed to make this picture, I hope you’ll enjoy it too.”  Simon Bau

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