Making of Low Sun Samurai by Mike McCain

Mike McCain is a creative director for independent game developer Harebrained Schemes in Kirkland, Washington. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Washington, he entered the game industry as a self-taught artist and designer.

He joined Harebrained Schemes in 2011, where he art directed the studio’s breakout Kickstarter success-story Shadowrun Returns (2013), followed by his directorial debut with the critically-acclaimed follow-up, Shadowrun: Dragonfall (2014). He now helms Harebrained’s flagship project, BATTLETECH (2018), which launched in April to great reception. Mike continues to illustrate for both studio and personal projects when time allows.

Low Sun Samurai showcases an Americana-fueled road trip to a place west of the highway. Pulling inspiration from the illustrations of fellow artist Robh Ruppel, Mike McCain pushes his use of shape and abstract patterns to create sharp angles, bold geometry and captivating texture work that transplants the viewer into a modern Americana fantasy.

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