Making of Immortality

Umbrella was called upon to create three short films for the 2015 Art Directors Club Gala. The sequence of the three films directed by Luka Kostil explore the enigmatic theme of immorality through the lens of art, science, and psychiatry.

In the first film famed photographer and art pioneer Oliviero Toscani states that immortality is achieved by continuous human action and always a result of the past.

The second film features vanguard psychiatrist Andrew Feldmár, author of many success books and known for his revolutionary methods. He flashes up the concept that immortality can be found in the everlasting present moment rather than in the endless individual existence.

In the final short film Dr. Wendy Suzuki, Professor of Neural Science and Psychology at New York University makes the claim that emotional resonance is key for everlasting memories. Immortality for a piece of art or any memory we have may evolve if we feel a strong resonance with them.

By exploring their thoughts we can discover that Oliviero talks about the past, Andrew emphasizes the magnitude of the present and Wendy examines the future. These time spaces are embodied in the films by symbolic materials such as ink, sand and fire.



Created by: Luka Kostil
Produced by: Umbrella
Executive Producer: Miklos Kazmer, Zoltan Hidvegi, Ignacio Oreamuno
DOP: Marcell Rév
Music: Bálint Seres
Production design: Márton Ágh
Costume: Dalma Dévényi
Production manager: Gergő Angyal

Cast: Anna Biczók

Stunt coordinator: Zoltán Gulyás Kiss
Camera: Péter Kotchy
AD: Gergely Apjok
SFX: Ferenc Deák
Sound mixing: Csaba Major- StudioM
Special thanks:The Art Directors club staff, Jennifer Larkin Kuzler, Philippe Meunier, Conor Shillen, Gábor Garai, Áron Filkey, Dóri Hruska, Elliot Parker, Viktória Kovács
Post production – Umbrella
Onset VFX Supervisor: Krisztian Csanki
Digital compositor: Mate Fekete
Gergely Velki
Richard Nagy
Krisztian Csanki
VFX supervisor: Andor Zahonyi
Editor: Gergely Liktor
Colorist: Anna Stalter
Post production producer: Levente Hodi


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