Luke Burnet Reel
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Luke Burnet Reel

Luke Burnet presents a selection of work mainly done at Platige Image and Realtime UK as animator.



1: Platige Image – project Alivia

Responsible for all creature animation (Maya)

2: Uncle Tommy – iAnimate shot

Responsible for all character animation (Maya), layout

Character rigs provided by iAnimate

3: Formula – personal shot

Responsible for character animation (Maya), layout

Character rig – Norman

4: Platige Image – Hero and the Message

Responsible for all character and horse animation, layout

5: RealtimeUK – Goofy development/test

Responsible for Goofy animation (3dmax), rig;

6: RealtimeUK – Kinect Disneyland Adventures (game)

Responsible for animations of Disney characters: Buzz, Woody, Alice, Captain Hook, Genie (3dmax)

7: RealtimeUK – company project Elf ‘n’ Safety

Responsible for all character animations (3dmax), rig

8: RealtimeUK – Kinectimals (game)

Responsible for all creature animations (3dmax), layout

9: Tate Interactive – Lanfeust (game)

Responsible for animation of all main in game characters (3dmax)

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