Lona Realm Of Colors

Take the brush as Lona, a young girl on a journey to the deepest depths of herself. Beware though! For in the realm of colors the craving to explore can turn to a yearning to return in a blink of an eye. 

Lona – Realm of Colors is an independent puzzle-adventure dwelling in the highly stylized and abstract past memories of Lona. 

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Lona’s Art Gallery

“Lona is a proof that Art matters and can be a top feature of a video game.”

Lona: Realm of Colors” is an art game so our main focus is bringing a unique and exotic 2D art style to the game. There will be 15 levels or scenes in the game. Each scene has two “dark” and “chaotic” versions with different art styles and one “balanced” version.

The game-play is a classic point and click type but everything you do and each item in the scene is part of Lona’s story. Everything is there as a part of the game’s grand narration and it’s up to you to piece together everything and find out the real story.

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Lona and the Realm of Colors
Lona and the Realm of Colors

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