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IT’S ART offers you a full support to create a crowdfunding campaign for your CG and artistic projects ; promoting it through our site, newsletter, social network presence and more, if your project is accepted.

We will accept your project only after a reviewing process and a discussion with the project founder to fully understand your needs and how we can help.


We can create a dedicated campaign including different options like digital download gifts for pledgers, stretched campaign, extended goals or lots of other options.

We try to make your project different and your success is ours so we will fully support you from day 0 to the end of the campaign and after the campaign.

IT’S ART is asking for & 7% in fees for its service, to manage, promote, and help you to make your campaign better.

We offer two kinds of campaigns, Threshold ( the funds are delivered when the campaign has ended ) or 100% Delivery ( You get the funds each time you get a pledge ).

It’s your responsibility to inform in the Terms and Conditions field your type of campaign and the refund conditions if the project is not fully backed

We use Stripe to securely collect the fund and you can link a Stripe account to your dashboard to get the funds tracked and delivered in real time.


We will help you to chose the best options regarding your campaign and support your project all along the process in all technical and marketing aspects.



You can start to create a project in your Dashboard

If you have any questions, want to start a project or want to be a partner, please use the contact form below :

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