Creative approach to character concepts with Isis Sousa

IAMAG present all the members and fans a series of video lectures and articles about Fantasy Art during the whole year of 2013!

IAMAG FANTASY WORKSHOP will cover from characters and landscapes to ornaments, costumes, props and weapons. Besides the main themes in the Fantasy Realm, there will be also discussed trends and the evolution of what we know as the art of the fantastic!

Watch bellow a narrated video showing the creative process of “Vikings and Pirate”:


Download the hi res poster with the artwork steps, click here.

creative approach to character concept by isis sousa-poster-mini

Isis Sousa:

For you willing to dive into Fantasy character creation, I present the creative process for a triple character design I did for a client.  Perhaps seeing how the work took shape can give you some ideas and insights. Hope you enjoy this material.

I apologize for the poor audio quality. I always struggle when it comes to audio capture 😛

Sound on, and thank you very much for watching!”


Visit Isis’ website: http://www.isissousadesigner.com

IAMAG would like to thank
(Reverend Black, Zagi2, Pbdlugoss and more.)


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