Into Dusk
Into Dusk

Into Dusk

Do you love cyberpunk? If so have a look at this proof of concept scene for Into Dusk, a movie by by Jason Ho

Synopsis : Ellie is terminal. Wren is broke and struggling, but would do anything to keep her alive. With only a gun and his love, can he do what it takes to save her life?


Into Dusk
Into Dusk
Into Dusk
Into Dusk
Into Dusk
Into Dusk


Ryan Colbert
Piper Quinn
Natalie Reynolds

Directed by Jason Ho

Executive Producer Naohiko Isomura at Artmark Project, Tokyo

Written by Jason Ho and Andrew Post

Cinematography: TJ Schwingle

VFX: Jesse Pelkey

Art Direction/Set Design: Aaron Schmoll & Elizabeth Richardson

Sound Design and Original Score: Nick Leisenheimer

Editor: Cody Brown

AD: Cody Brown
Production Coordinator: Anne Mahoney

1st AC: Chris Hadlund
2nd AC: Dan Godar
Grip: Chris Savage
Set Builider: Alissa Gold
Set Builder: Ben Gascoigne
Makeup: Miki Sautbine
Wardrobe: Elizabeth Richardson
Graphic Designer: Kipp Crawford
Color: Michael Sandness
Titles: Travis Kragh
Concept Art: Irina Levin
Special Thanks: Michael Heagle & Sarah Jean Shervin
RED Scarlet Camera and Lenses Provided by Nick Junkersfeld

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