We’re proud to share with you this interview with Wayne Hollingsworth, freelance FX Technical Director and instructor for the Gnomon School who recently worked on some amazing movies like The Amazing Spiderman and Thor.

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Hi Wayne. Can you describe your background ?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. I am an alumni from Indiana University. I pursued professional basketball for a few years before I decided to go back to school in Boca Raton, Florida to receive my Masters in Visual Effects and Computer Animation.

Why did you want to become an FX Artist ?

I decided to become an FX Artist because of the amazing movies I watched as a child. Starwars, E.T, and Blade Runner. I always was fascinated on how the fx was created, and I told myself that I would do that one day.

You’ve been working on movie such as “Thor” or more recently “The Amazing Spiderman”. Could you describe your role in those one ?

Spiderman was a great experience for me personally. Everyone at Sony was awesome and I was given a lead role in designing the nitro and green gas elements in the film. While working on hero shots, I was as able to create assets to pass to other artists so they can simulate and pass to the lighting and rendering team. Effects such as explosions, nitro smoke, and green chemical gas were the tasks given to me.

Can you share more information about your workflow ?

My workflow is pretty wide. I never limit myself to how I go about achieving the effect. I am very organized and efficient when I work. Getting data in and out is the most important aspect of being an FX artist. I keep things simple and only complicate simulations if it is needed.

Is it hard to adapt your workflow from a studio to another one ?

Adapting is vital if one wants to be successful as an FX artist. Never get attached to a particular simulation, workflow, pipeline, personal vision or way of doing things. As an FX artist your job is to bring the directors creativity to life. Depending on where you are, you have to go about achieving that goal differently every time you sign a contract.

You’ve become a master with Maya Fluids or even RealFlow. Have you ever tried others plugins such as FumeFX, Naiad, Krakatoa for 3DSMax, even for curiosity ?

Yes I am constantly mastering numerous plug-ins and different software. I may be recognized as a Maya Fluid specialist, but I am very comfortable with FumeFX, Krakatoa and Houdini. I am always studying, practicing, and learning new tools every day. I find this essential to be a major contributor in the FX industry today.

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