ST – You’re Brazilian. Is it hard for you to live far from your relatives?

RG – Its very hard. Specially for my wife. I am very fortunate that she moved with me and supports me on every single way. To have each other helps the distance from the family. (Love you!)

ST – Do you like playing video games?

RG – I love it and I wish I had more time to play it. I check almost every single gameplay online while im working.

ST – What are your favorites video games?

RG – I love fighting games, I can say im enjoying “Injustice”  very much now.

ST – Do you make also clay sculpting?

RG – Yes, I started to do clay sculpting at the same time as digital, that helped me decide that I wanted to work as a character artist.

ST – What do you prefer: Digital Sculpting or clay sculpting?

RG – I don’t have a favorite medium, I like to do both and I try to do as much traditional in my freetime since I work witih digital.


ST – Have you ever been interested in working for the cinema industry?

RG – To be honest I never been interested in working for the cinema industry because of the differences from the game industry. But I can see that growing inside me a bit over the past years. Maybe in the future.

ST – What’s your opinion about the evolution of the video game industry?

RG – Things are evolving very, very fast. We have a lot of limitations at the moment like poly count, bones count, texture sizes and we are not going to have those problems in the future. The games are going to be even more impressive.

ST – Do you have any advices to give to young artist willing to be Character Artist?

RG – Take it seriously. Think about what other people are doing to breat into their industries. This is no different than other job. And be aware that if you want to grow it will never stop. Make sure you love what you do.


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