Loic Zimmermann

Interview With Loic Zimermann

We the pleasure to meet a lot of interesting artists during THU 2013, and everyone there enjoy the great performance and speech Loic gave. We’re really happy to share this interview with Loic with our readers.

Loic Zimmermann

IT’S ART :  Hi Loic! I think the first interview I’ve done with you is almost 6 years old and so I think it could be interested to give us a quick recap of your carrier path, if you wouldn’t mind ?

Loic Zimmermann : Gosh… 6 years already?

Back then I was working on Heavy Rain mostly. This is around that time that I did this digital tattoo project. A few months later i moved to California, and I’m living there still.

IA : During  all these years, I guess it’s been sometimes difficult to focus on your personal work. How can you deal with this as an artist, producing for a company and for your own?

LZ : Working for others is a necessity, but working for myself is always liberating and if I could, I’d just do that, full time. I sacrifice sleep a little, and I dedicate a significant part of my free time to my personal work. That’s the only way I found. Sometimes I take a few days off here and there and focus on a specific project.

Loic Zimmermann

IA :  I remember you’d talked about the fact that even if you work on your art, you try to impose some strict schedule to finish a piece of art. Would you sometimes revisit or refine an artwork, even if you’d decide in the past that’s done? What’s the benefits or drawbacks of such methods ?

LZ : If you don’t do that, nothing gets done. A deadline gives you an incentive. Something basic, reliable, to aim at. Then, being your own client, you can always grant yourself a bit more time if you think it can make a significant difference.

Loic Zimmermann

IA : You like to work with lot of different tools, photography, painting, digital, videos, etc … Can you talk about your feeling towards these different arts? What their strengths  the way they help you to create different worlds and do you’ve any favorite?

LZ: For the past few years, one of my favorite activities have been shooting, rather that is photo of video. I really love it. But illustration and all that gravitates around it will always have a special place in my heart. It’s only 3D that I left aside for a while. I focused on it for 12 years and I got burnt. Tired of it. Production didn’t help either. It’s only recently that I found some motivation in working on a little 3D bust for a 3Dprint/resin cast.

Loic Zimmermann

PL :  You’ve started to work on a new Kickstarter  that will feature a collection of your works plus a little bonus. Can you give us details about this new adventure and what your backers can except from?

LZ : Yes. 3D Total came to me with this book project in mind. At first I thought they had knocked at the wrong door but no, they really wanted to make a book on my work. So, since my production is very eclectic, I wanted both the book and the pledges to reflect that. In addition to the artbook, we have a 48 pages photography book, a signed giclee, a resin cast of a  little SciFi bust, a 9 color silkscreen of a Blade Runner illustration and 3 Mixed media originals, using silkscreen, giclee, oil painting, collage, photo and cat fur.

Hopefully, everyone will find his own little treat in there.

PL :  Do you think that producing a sort of collection of your works will help you to work with a fresh look or into new directions?

LZ : Yes, absolutely. To me this book could be some sort of statement, a birthday cake for those past 15 years, and a great way to begin a new chapter.

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