Interview With Justin Lassen

We’re proud to feed our interview series with Justin Lassen, the awarded and talented artist we follow since the early day of IT’S ART.

Hi Justin, can you describe your background?

I’ve always found it challenging to answer this question, as my past and background has covered a lot of ground over the years. Let’s see if I can wrap it up in a musical-nutshell for you. I’m an artist, singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound designer, producer and remixer all wrapped up together in the body of an Indiana-Jones-Adventurer powered by an otherworldly soul. I enjoy being creative, particularly creating worlds, bringing them to life with music. My musical past is that I was always in every choir I could get myself into since I was a child. I adore ambiance, spacialization, environmental design and visual arts. I’ve worked with big famous stars and large orchestras alike, I’ve traveled the world extensively, I’ve lived in lands far away from my home and have had the great privilege to experience a truly wonderful fairytale life.

Could you remember the moment you’ve been captivated by song writing and composing? How did you feel?

The first moment I truly felt inspired by cinematic compositions, I was a very young child and it was the music by Michael Whalen, from his epic African influenced score to “Great African Moments” a documentary. I remember living out my own crafted stories and even shooting a few sci-fi home movies with his scores as inspiration. I remember how big it felt, to listen to his work. That’s when I knew that music was truly the most powerful force on earth. More powerful than bombs. When I started learning chords and writing songs, and realized, I too, could bring my lyrics and ideas to life, I had this overwhelming feeling of “new”. It is difficult to find a word that describes the feeling actually. It was exciting. I never dreamed I would have done the things I’ve done in my short career, so quickly!

“When you read this, keep in mind that Justin only just turned 28. He’s accomplished more before reaching 30 than many artists do in a whole lifetime!” – Billboard Press


Your compositions are clearly telling stories, describing emotions, when you listen carefully to them. Do you want to share your own story with people or letting them feeling your music with their own emotions?

The thing I love the most about music that I listen to, and music that I create, is that the listener can make up their own minds about how the songs meshes into their own lives. I love that a songwriter can write a heart wrenching set of lyrics, and I can connect with those words in a way that works for me, with what I’ve experienced in life. Symphonic music doubly-so. Instrumental compositions have so much potential to touch so many people, in unlimited ways. I certainly have a feeling and story that sparked these ideas, but I think over-time the music takes on a life of its own, and finds new ways of interacting with people. My own story is filled with tragedy and heartbreak. However, I try to tell a story of hope. I believe in happy endings, even if you have to get through the sad parts first. I try to be optimistic. Realism is over-rated. Live in the imaginary.


You are multi-instrumentalist. What’s your favorite one I mean you love to play with?

I love the Piano. It is my best friend. I think though, I truly love Synthesizers and sampling. I love that I have the technology to create mock-ups and travel around the world with samples. I personally play a lot of instruments, but there are still far more instruments that I could never play, and with sampling technology it allows me to see what it might be like to explore my visions with instruments from far away lands. We live in a truly amazing time, where you have a whole orchestra at your finger-tips, literally, inside your pocket. However, I still love sitting at a Piano, all alone, with no audience, and just exploring. I really dive into my own worlds and tell a complete story, have a listen…

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