Get behind the creative process of Lorenzo Lanfranconi 

Lorenzo Lanfranconi is an Italian concept artist and background artist based in Italy.

In 2014, after discovering landscape photography and concept art, he decided to start studying digital painting, focusing on landscapes and nature.

After the release of his artbook “Evolution”, published by Tatai Lab, he started working in the videogame industry on Valorant thanks to West Studio. From there he worked with clients like Epic Games, Eidos Montreal, West Studio, Netease, Sun Creature Studio, The Line Animation, Ocellus, Wizard of the Coast and more.

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Lorenzo Lanfranconi begins by sharing his artistic journey, providing insight into his background and influences. He discusses the essential steps to start an art project, from conceptualizing ideas to planning compositions and initial sketching. Lorenzo then, dives into the world of brushes, color and how to refine an illustration through examples

Bonus Content Enjoy additional insights and real-time demonstrations, including a presentation and painting demo of Lorenzo’s Kaya Project. This bonus content provides further inspiration and practical knowledge, showcasing Lorenzo’s creative process in real-time and offering a deeper look into his artistic approach.


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