Fred Rambaud’s character designs appeared online, in a haze of ink some 20 years ago, and he has been corrupting minds ever since in a wide array of projects in the entertainment industry.

He currently is a Concept Artist creating designs and helping develop top franchises for studios such as Ubisoft, Activision, Warner and Netease to name a few.

Fred breathes life into his characters with a darkly absurd twist. It takes relentless hard work, but it’s worth it for him to find the right lines and gestures to give maximum personality and a fresh, new take on familiar faces in horror, comic books and action adventure.

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In this Master Class, we will see how Fred approaches a character design all while discussing and sharing valuable advice on topics such as:

-How to stay true to yourself and your art and how it helps you stand out from the crowd

-Developing your Design Sensibilities

-Ideation for production vs Illustration

-The importance of developing your skills and projects outside client work

Total Duration : 8+ Hours


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