Check out Tim McBurnie’s Master Class, “Comic Style for Concept Art,” and gain access to an exclusive bonus tutorial with all resources, brushes, and more.

Tim McBurnie, a freelance concept designer, illustrator, and author from Australia, excels in character design and story development. He has contributed to the French comic book market, animation, and video games. His clients include Editions Delcourt, Gunfire Games, Animal Logic, Ankama, Blur Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, and Wizards of the Coast.

Tim has also worked on several French graphic novels (bandes dessinées), including those he has authored. He is known for his expertise in character design, key shot illustration, and creating pitch images for new intellectual properties.

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Dive into the world of illustration with Tim McBurnie’s comprehensive workshop. This in-depth session takes you step-by-step through the creation of a stunning illustration, starting from the initial sketches and culminating in a final artwork. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, Tim’s workshop offers invaluable insights into his creative process.

Join Tim McBurnie and enhance your artistic skills with this unique opportunity to learn from a master illustrator. Discover new techniques, get inspired, and bring your illustrations to life with professional guidance and resources.

Total Duration : 8+ Hours + Resources

What You'll Get

Detailed Workshop
- Step-by-step guidance on creating an illustration from scratch.
- Insight into Tim McBurnie’s techniques and thought processes.
Extra Resources 
- JPEG Steps: Visual documentation of each stage of the illustration process.
-PSD Files with Layers: Access to layered PSD files to see the construction of the artwork.
- Sepia Lines PSD: A special PSD file showcasing sepia-toned line work.
-Actions + Brushes: A collection of Tim’s custom actions and brushes for Photoshop, allowing you to emulate his style.
Exclusive Master Class
- Gain access to an exclusive master class where Tim delves deeper into his creative process.
- Real-time and narrated examples of various illustration styles that Tim excels in.
Tim Mcburnie


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