IAMAG is really excited and proud to introduce to you our first Artist in Residence Artist, Jeremy Forveille.

Jeremy grew up in the Brittany region in France, where lies the Brocéliande forest, full of magic and legends. He worked in the communication field as a graphic designer and art director. Then, he decided to refocus his career in digital art for entertainment, and more specifically video games but animation as well. He’s now specialized in illustration and concept art such as character design, environments and props. He also teaches digital painting and concept art in video games schools.

Interested in knowing more about Jeremy Forveille ? IAMAG and Jeremy will  team up for a series of special free LIVE on IAMAG Master Classes to discuss his art, vision, technics and more!

I hope you’re as much excited as we’re to start this series, and don’t forget to visit Jeremy’s website here to start your journey.


  IAMAG Master Classes  : Get  into the creative process of the best artists , Free Trial

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