Exclusive Making of Meet Me Far

We’re very happy to share an exclusive making of ‘Meet Me far’ animated music video by Ran Sieradzki

Ran explains : ” I  initiated a call to a local well-known singer and offered my skills for a music video for one of his songs. The video completion took over two years and along the way the singer disappeared from the horizon. So we had a video but no home for it. After several failed attempts to find good home for the video I was approached by one of the most talented music producers/composers named – Tomer Biran. Tomer said he had the perfect song for my video, I agreed to check it out and to see how we could modify and tweak so it would fit. No tweaking or modifications were needed. The Video fit to the song like a silk glove and I understood that was meant to be.”


What was involved? Well, it started with an idea for a story. We all agreed that it was all over the place. So we knew we had to work on the story line while we continued with the concept design.I started with the concepts for the main character, After getting to a design everyone liked and felt happy continuing with the next step of course was to model the character in 3D.

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