Framestore Art Department
Framestore Art Department

Exclusive Interview with Amy Smith, Framestore Head of Recruitment

Framestore is an Oscar-winning creative studio, dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences and combining world-leading craft and relentless creativity with tomorrow’s technology.  A global leader in innovation across the digital sphere, Framestore continues to push the boundaries of what is possible within Film, advertising, experiential and Virtual Reality technologies.

Many clients come to Framestore to help them visualise a script or a new product. Our artists often partner with a director or marketer to enable them to ‘see’ the images they are seeking to create. This highly skilled and creative group is available to all external and internal productions. Their aim is simple: to enable clients to fully visualise their project.

We’d the pleasure to interview Amy Smith, Head of Recruitment, in collaboration with CTNanimationeXpo Video Team  at IAMAG17 .

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