Jesus Conde Art Studio

Making of Harley Quinn

Jesus Conde, one of our I.A. Magazine Master League competitor, presents the making of Harley Quinn Suicide Squad in this instructive two parts video tutorial. Do you want to win a Cintiq HD 22 Touch, $1500... Read More...
Applying Reskin

Applying Reskin with Feng Zhu

Watch the new Feng Zhu Video tutorial and learn how to better apply reskin. Applying Reskin Applying Reskin Applying Reskin Applying Reskin... Read More...
Mixing Surroundings Feng zhu

Mixing Surroundings with Feng Zhu

Learn how to better mix surroundings elements to create good looking concept art with this video tutorial by Feng Zhu Mixing Surroundings Feng zhu Mixing... Read More...

Marc Simonetti Speed Painting Session

Watch a side cam version from Marc Simonetti's Speed Painting Session performed during IT'S ART Master Classes '15. Full IT'S ART Master Classes Video Ticket version includes  : - Speed Painting Session by Ma... Read More...
drawing Hiro and Baymax

Draw Hiro and Baymax

Learn how to draw Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6, with Jin Kim, character design supervisor at Disney Read More...
raphael Lacoste

From Composition Sketch to Colour

Watch Raphael Lacoste, Assassin's Creed Brand Director, Creative Process, from sketch to colour in this special three parts making of. Raphael Lacoste will be one one of our speakers during IT'S ART Master Clas... Read More...
michal kus Skyrim fan art

Making of Skyrim Fan Art by Michal Kus

Michal Kus presents a fast walkthrough of one of his Fan Art Skyrim pieces shown on his presentation In Sofia, Bulgary at Computer Space Support Michal Kus and Darek Zabrocki on their online concept art clas... Read More...
Fish Fighters Feng Zhu

Fish Fighters by Feng Zhu

Feng Zhu presents a video he'd recorded for Gnomon School of Design, about the making of Fish Fighters Fish Fighters Feng Zhu Fish Fighters Feng Zhu Fish... Read More...
Business of Design

Business of Design

Feng Zhu presents the first part of an instructive video about the business of Design Business of Design Bus... Read More...
Improving your 3D renders in Photoshop

Improving 3D renders with Photoshop

Learn how to improve your 3D renders with Photoshop with this in depth video tutorial by FlippedNormals, using Brightness/Contrast
, Color Balance
, Black & White Layer for checking your values
 and Brush t...
How to Color Comic Book Art

How to Color Comic Book Art

DC Comics artist Alex Sinclair, 20 years professional colorist, shares his coloring process in Superman Unchained cover. How to Color Comic Book Art How to... Read More...
mech Design

Mech Design with Darren Bacon

Darren Bacon explains his creative process using adobe photoshop cs6 as a sketching tool for developing a mech design. mech Design mech Design mech Design mech... Read More...

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