Phoenix FD

Path Follow in Phoenix FD

Path Follow in Phoenix FD

This Phoenix FD for 3Ds Max VFX tutorial covers using the volume brush emit mode & follow path helper to make our fire travel along a helix path around a headphones model. ... Read More...
Create a Water Splash in Phoenix FD

Create a Water Splash with Phoenix FD

Watch this free Phoenix FD for 3Ds Max water splash beginner Tutorial focuses on the basic setup with liquid emitter, by Jesse Pitela, 3D Artist specializing in high-end cinematic 3D product rendering & liq... Read More...
phoenix mixing paints

Mixing Paints in Phoenix FX

Learn how to mix paints in 3DS max with Phoenix FD in this video tutorial by Michael McCarthy phoenix mixing paints phoenix mixing paints phoenix mixin... Read More...

Chocolate with Phoenix FD

Learn how to create Chocolate simulation with Phoenix FD in this new video tutorial by Michael McCarthy. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate... Read More...

Creating a Beer Simulation

Learn how to simulate a pouring beer with Phoenix FD and V-ray. The foam is born directly (not using splash). First the size of the bubbles is adjusted by starting test simulations with low Birth rate. When the... Read More...

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