Ocean Houdini Octane

Create an Ocean with Houdini and Octane

Learn how to create a realistic Ocean in Houdini and render it with Octane with this new free tutorial by Rohan Dalvi, including The shader setup in Octane
 and Houdini File https://vimeo.com/304163439 ...
Octane Scene Denoiser

Octane 4 : Scene Setup, And Denoiser

Rohan Dalvi, animator and trainer for the last 16 years presents a new free video tutorial about the new Octane 4 features, focusing on Scene Setup and Denoiser. https://vimeo.com/266676125 Octane Scen... Read More...
How To Create Fog In Octane & Cinema 4D

How To Create Fog In Octane & Cinema 4D

In this tutorial Zulu8 will go into depth with 3 different techniques of creating fog with Cinema 4D and Octane Render engine. Each have their own advantages depending on your application. https://vimeo.com/25... Read More...
Advanced Octane Shaders Tutorial

Advanced Octane Shaders Tutorial

Yvan Feusi presents the making of Hologram Material in his first in depth free Octane Shaders Tutorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0avVhLJM3Q Advanced Octane Shaders Tutorial Advanced Octane ... Read More...
Rain Scene

Create a Rain Scene With Cinema 4D

Learn how you can create a realistic Rain Scene With Cinema 4D, Octane and Realflow in this new free video tutorial by Niko Schatz https://vimeo.com/190451731 Rain Scene Rain Scene Rain Scene ... Read More...
Using Octane in Houdini

Using Octane in Houdini

In this first in a series of videos by Rohan Dalvi, animator and trainer for the last 16 years, you'll learn  how to use Octane in Houdini. https://vimeo.com/171717834 https://vimeo.com/172223352 https:/... Read More...

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