V-Ray For NUKE: Creating a SciFi City

V-Ray For NUKE: Creating a SciFi City

Shahin Toosi presents a 4 parts free video tutorial on Creating a SciFi City with V-Ray For Nuke. Go over all the process from Layout, Lightning, Shaders, Texture, Look Dev & more... V-Ray For NUKE: SciFi Ci... Read More...
Robot emerging from Ocean

Creating a robot emerging from the Ocean

Ivaylo Petrov and Gerald Bussink,  pass through the full process - simulation with Realflow, setting up Maya and rendering with V-Ray and compositing it all in Nuke of Project I-M, a 3 minute VFX short done at ... Read More...
Maya 2016 UV unwrap

Mastering UV with Maya 2016 and Nuke

Learn the basics of UV unwrapping usingMaya 2016 using Roadkill and Nuke with this in depth video tutorial by Dillon Bailey Love Tutorials, don't miss our special premium tutorial section on https://... Read More...
Nuke Cleanup: 2D Tracking and Cloning

Nuke Cleanup: 2D Tracking and Cloning

Watch & learn in this tutorial in Nuke on how to clone from one area of a moving image to another, using 2D tracking and stabilization, and basic compositing. Uses a shot from The Hotdog Cycle, produced by The ... Read More...
Nuke RotoPaint: Output paint strokes

Nuke RotoPaint: Output paint strokes

Watch & Learn this Nuke RotoPaint Tutorial: Output paint strokes only. Here's a Nuke tutorial with a useful trick for rendering only the paint strokes that you create from a rotopaint node. This allows you to s... Read More...
Making a Car Crash

Making a Car Crash

Sergey Movchan presents a breakdown of his Car Crash Sequence in this in depth subtitled video tutorial   Making a Car Crash Making a Car Crash Making a Car Cras... Read More...
ring of Fire

Making a Ring Fire

Matteo Migliorini teaches you how to create a ring of fire using 3DSMax, FumeFx and Nuke in this video tutorial ring of Fire ring of Fire ring of Fire ring of Fire... Read More...
Garrett Fry

Matte Painting Photogrammetry Workflow

Garrett Fry, digital matte painter at Animal Logic shows how he incorporates Photogrammetry into the matte painting process and shows you how a matte painter and texture artist use MARI in different ways. ht... Read More...
Marker removal

Marker Removal in Nuke

Learn the  basics of how to use the dissolve node to blend between different textures to create a simple animated textures through this series of 3 tutorials dedicated to tracking in Nuke by Eosacro https://... Read More...
NUKE premultiplication

Concept of Premultiplication in Nuke

Joey Korenman on behalf of The Foundry explains the concept of premultiplication using NUKE, and how to manage premultiplication when color correcting and how to remove artifacts that can pop up if not treated ... Read More...
Tracking in Nuke

Tracking in Nuke

Learn how to make a realistic tracking in Nuke, by generating point cloud from a tracked camera, generate a mesh, project textures and finally composite them together. This tutorial is provided by eosacro ht... Read More...
nuke particles system

NUKEX particle system

Learn how to use NUKEX particle system to change a Summer scene to Autumn in this new video tutorial by Daniel Lee ... Read More...

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