Path Follow in Phoenix FD

Path Follow in Phoenix FD

This Phoenix FD for 3Ds Max VFX tutorial covers using the volume brush emit mode & follow path helper to make our fire travel along a helix path around a headphones model. https://vimeo.com/312450213 ... Read More...
Making of Island

Making Of The Island by Marco Iozzi

Marco Iozzi presents a timelapse workflow of one of the concept art, illustration piece he's prepared for Halcyon. https://vimeo.com/309129268 Making of Island Making of Island Making of Island... Read More...
Create a Water Splash in Phoenix FD

Create a Water Splash with Phoenix FD

Watch this free Phoenix FD for 3Ds Max water splash beginner Tutorial focuses on the basic setup with liquid emitter, by Jesse Pitela, 3D Artist specializing in high-end cinematic 3D product rendering & liq... Read More...
Ocean Houdini Octane

Create an Ocean with Houdini and Octane

Learn how to create a realistic Ocean in Houdini and render it with Octane with this new free tutorial by Rohan Dalvi, including The shader setup in Octane
 and Houdini File https://vimeo.com/304163439 ...

Making Of The Cliff by Marco Iozzi

Discover the timelapse workflow of The Cliff, a Concept Art by Marco Iozzi prepared for Halcyon, a short story pitch by Hubert Daniel at Blur Studio. https://vimeo.com/302129438 Making Of The Cliff b... Read More...
Colored Smoke in Houdini

Create a Colored Smoke in Houdini 17

Learn how to create a colored smoke in Houdini 17 in this new free video tutorial including the project file and the Donut 3D scan https://vimeo.com/298880026 Colored Smoke in Houdini Colored Smoke... Read More...
Making of Stretch by Cassey Kuo

Making of Stretch by Cassey Kuo

Cassey Kuo is a freelance visual development artist and illustrator who was born and raised in New Jersey. Her work strives to capture intensely human moments and compelling stories through energy-filled stroke... Read More...

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