Daily Art

Izzy Medrano

Izzy Medrano

The art of Izzy Medrano aka Cannibalcandy, concept artist and Instructor who's recently worked on project like God of War Ascension and Starhawk. ... Read More...
Jason Seiler

The Art of Jason Seiler

Don't miss our selection of art by Jason Seiler, the artist behind Pope Francis: The People's Pope, Time Magazine, Person of the Year cover. ... Read More...
Kei Acedera

The Art of Kei Acedera

Looking for something inspiring and charming? Have a look at this selection of artworks by Kei Acedera, Character Designer for Disney, Sony Imageworks and working at Imaginism Studio ... Read More...
Mikko Kinnunen

The Art of Mikko Kinnunen

Almost the week-end and still need dome inspiration? Let's have a look at the art of Mikko Kinnunen, currently working for Concept Brothers Studio Inc. ... Read More...
Dan Howard

The Art of Dan Howard

Meet the art of Dan Howard in our second daily art selection, including works for DeNA Games, Hideo Concert, Flight Comics, UDON, Mess Studios, Sabertooth Games, and Fantasy Flight Games. ... Read More...
Reynan Sanchez

The Art of Reynan Sanchez

Time to celebrate this new week with the art of Reynan Sanchez through this selection of recent artworks for Applibot and a mix of older illustrations. ... Read More...