For years, IAMAG.CO has really evolved as an international art magazine, celebrating the artworks from all over the world on a daily basis. The Master Classes are an extension of all of the creative content we provide online. They’re a yearly snapshot of what the best artists have to offer, whether they’re animators, concept artists, VFX / FX artists, directors, all during 3 days in Paris, the city of art that never sleeps.

Artists who’ll attend will be able to attend the master classes, have their portfolios reviewed by artists, as well as companies seeking new talent, such as Illumination, Framestore, Mikros, and Realtime UK.

We think we’ve established a humble and respectful relationship with all of the artists that have accepted to be part of this event, and having them all in the same place for 3 days, artists as our stellar lineup, is really rare in Europe.

IAMAG Master Classes ’17 Starts in …

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Goro Fujita

Goro Fujita

If you’re looking to boost your creativity, increase your network, get priceless one-on-one advice from artists working in some of the best studios like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, ILM, and Lucasfilm, then the Master Classes are for you !

An important aspect of this event is its size. The Master Classes are thought to be on human scale, meaning we don’t want to be overcrowded. We want all artists to be able to learn, share and connect with each other, not only during the event, but also during the evenings in Paris, which are the perfect moment to share a drink with artists, recruiters and companies, in a more informal ways.

We also work hard to avoid overlapping, but we know it’s hard for artists to attend all master classes, so we offer all non-nda recorded videos from the event, one week after, as a bonus. This comes in two versions: on stage and screencast.

Ryan Church

Ryan Church

Artists who attend IAMAG Master Classes, can expect to continue to get knowledge from our speakers, weeks and weeks after the event.

As a website, we know how important and vital it is to offer a resource of knowledge and inspiration for free. We’re also aware that if you work, hard you probably can learn so many things from your home and perhaps become one of the best artists ever.

However, events like the Master Classes offer something you can’t obtain with the internet: a real discussion, face to face with an artist, the feeling to really learn something different when you show your portfolio or attend a Master Class surrounded by artists from all other the world.

James Clyne

You can feel a real creative energy, a boost for the next months, and lots of artists try to find new styles, develop new ideas and tend to have more distance from the creative trends to create their own creative process.

Artistic knowledge is everywhere on the internet, but nothing can replace the artist himself, his personality, his way to share and connect in public.

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