Art in VR: Virtual Painting Selection #2

We are really happy to introduce you the Second Art in VR: Virtual Painting Selection. As the VR community is growing, Goro Fujita thought it was time to create a place where people can share their Art created in tools like “Quill” and “Tiltbrush”. VR painting tools enable artists to express themselves freely in 3D and opens a door to a completely new art form : You can join Virtual Painting on Facebook.

Daniel Martin Peixe

  IAMAG Master Classes  : Get  into the creative process of the best artists

Carlos Felipe León

Goro Fujita


Goro Fujita

Scotty Wilson

Ian Zell

Gabo Garza

Kris Jackson

Yuichi Ito

Klaus Lyngeled

Stasik Kanevsky VitaeViazi

Will Robertson

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