Discover this gorgeous animated music video ‘ King Of Sea’ a written and directed movie by Stéphane Berla for Kwoon.

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Written & Directed by
Stéphane Berla

Head of studio of Brunch
Jean-Charles Kerninon

Head of production
Fabien Cellier

Line producer
Emilie Revert

Production manager
Brice Smith

Background design
Raphaelle Stolz

Léa Rey Mauzaize

Design & character modeler
Stéphane Berla

Decor modeling
Léa Peirano

Lana Choukroune
Phuong Nguyen

Layout & Animation
Stéphane Berla

Animation intern
Kévin Hamimi

CG Supervisor
Guillaume Maillard

Pipeline & Developer
Radouane Lahmidi

Lighting, Render & Compositing
Stéphane Berla

Executive Producers
Jean François Bourrel
Nicolas de Rosanbo
Céline Vanlint

Camille Principiano

With the support of the CNC

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