5 Reasons To Take a Training Course In 3D Computer Graphics

If you love going to the movies, play video games or cosplay in Baymax: 3D graphics is maybe for you… Only if you like to invent, build, imagine visual universes! You are creative, hard-worker with a logical mind? Follow an online course in a 3D school will open your world. 3D computer graphics is for you and a comprehensive training oriented towards visual creation and technology should fit you.


Why follow a complete training to a specialization in CGI? Because it is:

– Efficient: 2 years training to a specialized art (without a modeling clay lesson!)

– Constructive: Educational approved method for its ability to develop the acquisition of technical and creative knowledge.

– Professional: setting conditions for production with interactive and collaborative monitoring tools.

– Leading to a qualification: “Lead Graphic Designer” recognized BACHELOR – RNCP Level II.


Here are 5 reasons for training in 3D graphics:

– To understand that visual creative techniques are no longer learned today on a corner table given the level of film production (see the latest technical achievements at ILM FMX)

– To understand that creation is not the result of a technique or unique software that you learn with a book or gleaned some tutorials on the Net, but well thought out assembly of a pipeline or techniques, 3D modeling to compositing. The studios now recruiting good thinkers rather than “3D techniques nerds” (See some examples of technical assemblies on our YouTube channel or our blog)

– To learn the real technical “useful” 3D creation and production studios actually used. The dough is again avoided in any self-respecting 3D training… As for the use of a model pasteboard, it will also quickly obsolete with the use of virtual or augmented reality glasses (see the latest augmented reality projection techniques: Windows HoloLens)


– To succeed in this business in a constructive and sustainable manner, you need to develop a thirst for knowledge of advanced technologies, which are always in full movement. So, our advice is to learn to always rebuild his knowledge.

– Finally, to follow a training that provides visual and technical creations tools for an innovative approach to new technologies of knowledge and information: choose the online education for more effective learning. E-learning is a combination of pedagogical knowledge, and followed driven interactive tools, wedging themselves closer to production studios reasoning.



You want to learn online? Follow our complete and innovative training Cycle 3D in 2 years with a diploma recognized by the State at the end.

Register now and join our 3D online school!

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