5 Essentials Master Classes for Artists

Let’s start focusing on what matters;  develop your style, career, and learn with experienced artists in the entertainment industry for years and share their secrets!

IAMAG Master Classes will help you get into the mind of some of the best artists and learn what’s essential to be a better artist and not just follow trends.

With 650+ hours of exclusive content with internationally renowned artists and weekly interactive Live, IAMAG Master Classes offers a unique vision of the mindset you need to succeed in this industry.

Let’s introduce five recent Master Classes and artists you’ll learn from with IAMAG Master Classes through this gallery featuring some of our current Master Classes.

#1 – How to Teach yourself environment concept art with Pengzhen Zhang


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#2 – From Sketch to Concept Art with Lorenzo Lanfranconi

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#3 – Cinematic Concept Art with Max Schiller

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#4 – Ideation and Shape Design with Jourdan Tuffan

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#5 – Fred Rambaud: Character Design – Unleash the Beast

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Join IAMAG Master Classes and access more than 650+ hours of exclusive content weekly LIVE, and ask your questions LIVE to artists!

  IAMAG Master Classes  : Get  into the creative process of the best artists

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