Looking for the perfect Gift for a digital artist or just want to treat yourself? We’ve made this list of exclusive gifts only available on IAMAG, Art Books, Workshops, or Master Classes, featuring the finest digital artists .


IAMAG Master Classes ’18 : 3 Days Access, Video Ticket or Seat

The Master Classes are an extension of all of the creative content we provide online at IAMAG. They’re a yearly snapshot of what the best artists have to offer, whether they’re animators, concept artists, VFX / FX artists, directors, all during 3 days in Paris, the city of art that never sleeps.

Artists who’ll attend will be able to attend the master classes, have their portfolios reviewed by artists, as well as companies seeking new talent.

Learn with legendary artists ; Peter de Sève, George Hull, Sam Nielson, James Paick, Kris Costa, John Nevarez, Raphael Lacoste, Carter Goodrich, Pascal Campion, Ian McQue to name a few


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 SOTA, State OF The Art – High Quality Art Book only available before Dec. 22nd

SOTA, State Of The Art, invites you to experience beautiful, high-quality print pieces from artists you love, together in one collected volume. These 12 artists represent a vast array of styles and genres contributing to the 144 illustrations found throughout the project.

SOTA features the work of  Goro Fujita, Ryan Church, Jean-Baptiste Monge, Ian McQue Simon Goinard Raphael Lacoste Nikolai Lockertsen Nathan Fowkes Art, Jonny Duddle Marc Simonetti Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme and Marc Brunet

The gorgeous layout and packaging was designed by Brent Ashe, art director, graphic designer and creative director specializing in branding, identity, packaging, working and collaborating in such projects as 3A, Ashley Wood, Ubisoft, Marvel, DC, Valve, Bungie, 343 Industries, Hasbro, 2000 AD, McFarlane Toys, and IDW.

All produced objects from this campaign will not be available on any other website after it’s funded

Get SOTA be fore Dec. 22nd

 Marc Simonetti Workshop – The Art of Narration: Illustration & Concept Art

Marc Simonetti is a French concept artist/ illustrator. Best known for his work on GRR Martin’s books “A song of Ice and Fire”, and his Iron throne, he’s also illustrated some of the most well known fantasy and SciFi novels, such as the Discworld by Terry Pratchett and more… Marc has recently worked on Valerian and the City of Thousands Planets, a movie directed by Luc Besson, on the environments, vehicles, characters, props and weapons during 10 months. He’s currently on System Schock 3 Video Game and on several upcoming feature films.

Learn the The Art of Narration for Illustration & Concept Art with Marc Simonetti in a 2-Day workshop in Paris.

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Worlds by Raphael Lacoste, Assassin’s Creed Art Director

Limited Deluxe Edition Art Book

“Inside this book, you will find a great selection of personal artworks, including illustrations, mood paintings, and sketches, but also some of the most iconic pieces I created for the video game franchise Assassin’s Creed. I will also be presenting artworks I did for fantasy and science fiction book covers, and concept art and matte paintings for films.” Raphael Lacoste

Specification : Height : 23 cm X Width : 31 cm – 100 Pages, Hardcover Slip Cased Limited Edition  600 ex Worldwide

Only 100 Copies Left!