10 Free Cinema 4D Tutorials to Improve Your Projects

As Maxon has become an official supporter of IAMAG Master Classes ’17, we thought it’s time to showcase everything you can create with Cinema 4D through this selection of 10 free video tutorials

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5 Ways to Create Cel Shading

Learn 5 Ways to Create Cel Shading in Cinema 4D with this new free video tutorial by EJ Hassenfratz.


Create Melting Objects

Learn How To Create Melting Objects in Cinema 4D


Model, Texture and Light a Jellyfish

In this video tutorial, Patrick Goski and Nick Campbell will guide you through the process of modeling, texturing and lighting a Jellyfish Scene in Cinema 4D.

Create A Neon Sign

Learn how to Create a Neon Sign with Cinema 4D in this new free video tutorial by Niko Schatz.


Modeling a Chair From Scratch

Learn how to Model a chair from scratch with this first free video tutorial from this series by Rob Redman

Create a Low Poly Island

Learn with Ragdoll Studio how to make a low poly scene, light it and animate it in Cinema 4D


Create a Rock and Slime Effect

Learn some techniques for making a single volume mesh in the shape of a cluster of crystals or mineral, using some tricks with dynamics, poly reduction, and the new bevel deformer.

How To Create Plastic Textures

Create a piece of a “Mini Machine” and how to create plastic textures, including a plastic glass texture.


Create a Micro Jelly Texture

How to Create the Micro Jelly Frame, Using Cinema 4D, SSS, Octane and GSG HDRI Studio.

Recreate a Meteor Effect

Casey Hupke of Zoic Studios pays homage to Final Fantasy 7, demonstrating techniques for creating the iconic meteor blast from the game.

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