1 Month: Becoming A Professional Artist with Andrea Goh

Andrea Goh is currently working as a Layout Artist in the Camera & Staging department and Model Rig Artist in the Characters department at Pixar Animation Studios. She also dives into many passion and personal projects.

Andrea  is  also specializes in the technical and camera aspects of animated productions. With her in depth knowledge for CG film making pipeline, Andrea can be a Swiss army knife for various roles like modeling, sculpting, rigging, cloth, tools, assembly and pipeline. Her passion in solving technical problems and wide skill sets have made her useful in many departments for notable projects as a strong team leader. Andrea also has a love for cinematography, hence spreading her passion into camera and staging as well.


One Month Mentorship

This 1 month mentorship program gives you 1 on 1 guidance on setting professional goals, setting short term and long term milestones with the advice of Andrea Goh.

Andrea is passionate in helping everyone achieve their dream jobs, and especially passionate in diversity and inclusion as well.

We will meet at least once a week to set realistic and achievable milestones, practice professionalism in work ethics, polish presentation skills and many more tools to help you have your best foot forward in the professional world. This includes advice on resume, projects, new skills, job search, interview, class choices.

Frequent email, slack and text messages can be used as communication during work hours, and meetings can be done through Zoom/Hangouts.


Learning Outcome:

– Create a realistic and achievable that uniquely works for you
– Equip with growth mindset on short term and long term goals
– Gain understanding on industry requirements for a job
– Create an industry ready resume and portfolio
– Gain motivation to have a career as an artist
– Gain empowerment to keep going
– Gain connection to a fellow industry artist
– Learn from asking me questions!


Limited Seats only Available under Invitation



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