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We Humans : Results

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We humans are good, we humans are evil, we humans create, we humans have so many sides, and you artists have given us the opportunity to discover a wide range of talented creations and interpretations of our own condition. We first would like to thank you all for the involvement and time you've spent in this contest.

It has been a real pleasure for the eyes and the mind to discover your art and the creative process behind each artwork. We've enjoyed sharing your vision and, in the end, your vision of the human being.

We know how hard and frustrating but also exciting it must be for all the people who have been part of this challenge to learn the results. It has been very difficult to make a choice and decide who the winning artists are.

We hope you have really enjoyed been part of this contest, and we are already preparing the
next big event in 2009. Stay tuned, and feel free to discuss the results in this thread.

2D Section (Click) / 3D Section

First Place : The package they Carry by John Strieder

"This image to me fits most with the title "we Humans" The image is also technically impressive with nice lighting and crisp modelling and texturing... Nice work on the little details (shoelaces undone etc)... Very strong message!." Dan Arnold Mist

Gallery Link

W.I.P. Forum Link

First Prize : XSI 7 ICe Essentials + Vue Xstream + Lightwave 9.3 + Learning Lightwave + Luxology Modo + IZ3D Screen + 3 DVDs from Eat 3D+ ITS ART DVD Set #1 + IT'S ART vol #01-2008 Print + One year subscription to CG Gallery and IT'S ART Magazine

Second Place : Big And Little Life by Dmitry Bortnichenko

The truly finished style of this artwork rightfully deserves one of the top honors. The story of the soldier risking his life to ensure the freedom of others is timeless and an appropriate response to what it is to be human. The small details, the lighting, camera effects, and the background make this piece standout" . Justin Lassen

Gallery Link

W.I.P. Forum Link

Second Prize : XSI 7 ICE Essentials + Vue Infinite + 3 DVDs from Eat 3D + Evermotion Coupon (500€) + Argile + One year subscription to CG Gallery and IT'S ART Magazine

Third Place : Hangries by Marc Hermitte

Gallery Link

W.I.P. Forum Link

Third Prize : Vue Infinite + ITS ART DVD Set #1 + IT'S ART Vol #01-2008 Print + One year subscription to CG Gallery and IT'S ART Magazine