nDynamics Maya R&D

Amin CGI shared with us  a nice R&D made with Maya  and nDynamics

Thinking particles blurp experiment

Miguel Hervás tested the blurp node of the thinking particles. Interesting result by the way. The scene was rendered with V-Ray.

MindHeist – Fibers

Fabian, FX Artist, shares with us a great wip made with particles driven by audio thanks to TP and Krakatoa. Check it out :  ...

Burning Egg Ship FumeFX RnD

Graham Matthew Collier just released a FumeFX sim on his Egg Ship inspired by the a shot made by Pixomondo. Details : Emission off fuel and heat from animated textured gradient. Rendered in V-Ray https://...

Naiad Breakdowns

As some of you already know, Autodesk has just acquired Exotic Matter's Naiad. A public announcement made on Autodesk website can be read here. Here's some great examples of what can be done using Naiad last re...

Naiad WIP

Adam Guzowski released  this great naiad test. ...

Shattering glasses

FX Artist Hammer Chen released an RnD test made with Thinking Particles 4 featuring a shattering glasses ...

Naiad Volcano Eruption

Dreamer an experimented FX Artist shares with us his latest test on EM' s Naiad starring a Volcano Eruption. Check out ! More details : 8 million particles in the end and Velocity emitting with Noise-Field a...

Dusty Table

Great scene made with Houdini and rendered with Mantra by Daniel Bukovec. Chunks are converted to volumes and processed then converted back to polygons, this was done to get the "eating" effect. ...

Houdini Tornado

Really short but impressive particles tornado made by Mingli with Houdini rendering about a millions of particles. It took about 10 mins/frames. ...