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Dead Panic Studios (Civilization:Beyond Earth, Orcs Must Die, BattleBorn) Co-Owner and Art Director Ron McLeroy takes The Wretch from 2D Concept Art Master Class and evolves him into something much more sinister.

Learn  how to use the Move and Morph brush to apply custom alphas to your creations and ensuring smooth transitions with your detail work.

Also Included the PSD of the key art above, render project and material to showcase your own creations using Zbrush and PS to achieve high quality images of your own.

You will learn:

  • ZBrush digital sculpting

  • Design theory

  • Creating custom brushes in ZBrush

  • BPR renders

  • Dynamic changes to meet the client needs


  • Reference image

  • Final PSD

  • The Wretch Model

  • ZBrush Project file

Sold By: Deadpanic
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About Deadpanic

Dead Panic Studios is a complete production studio that focuses on creating high quality digital artwork and assets for video games, movies and comics. We are passionate about teaching and guiding artists through the minefields of a CG Career.