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Dead Panic Studios (Civilization:Beyond Earth, Orcs Must Die, Battle Born) Co-Owner and Art Director Jeff Paulsrud takes you from the first concepts to the final creature design in this 2 hour class.

You will learn:

– Photoshop

– Concept art theory

Also included:

– Reference images 

– Final PSD

Sold By: Deadpanic
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About Dead Panic

Dead Panic Studios is a complete production studio that focuses on creating high quality digital artwork and assets for video games, movies and comics. We are passionate about teaching and guiding artists through the minefields of a CG Career

About Jeff Paulsrud

Mr. Paulsrud also teaches at Kazone Art Academy. He has been working as a concept artist in the entertainment industry for over 4 years. 

Jeff works primarily in Adobe Photoshop, but is also proficient in traditional drawing media. Clients include Digital-Tutors, ZBrushWorkshops, Firaxis Games, and 2k Games.