Guillaume Brunet presents a free Maya script, Rig & Setup Auto v3.0, to help you to set up your rig. You can download the script for free here.

Rig & Setup Auto v3.0 Rig & Setup Auto v3.0 Rig & Setup Auto v3.0

Auto Rig and Auto Setup for Maya (Python Script)
Spine IK (Stretch & Twist) / FK / Ribbon
Head IK / FK
Arm IK / FK (Switch) / Ribbon
Leg Ik / FK (Switch) / Ribbon
Snap IK to FK / Snap FK to IK
Good LRA Rotation
LRA Tools
Interactive Selection Tool
Reset All/Selected Controllers
Clean Outliner
Delete Character In One Click
Undo / Redo Support


  • Brooke

    This is fantastic! thank you so much!

    • Guillaume

      You’re welcome !

  • Hemanth

    how did u bring the model in vid

  • Methexis Studios

    too fast for a tutorial can’t work with this thing