Dear IT’S ART member, the Portraiture Classes are now back, and I hope to cover important points on digital portraiture and have the classes more dynamic.

The complete Portraiture Class course is available here.

van dyck digital by isis sousa-w

Last year we had some basic theory and two practical examples of traditional and Fantasy style portrait paintings, you check these classes on the tutorials session of the site.

To mark the comeback of this series I will show and talk a little bit about Anthony Van Dyck self-portrait interpretation I did recently. It will be all very quick and we can learn more about brushes and other technical stuff as well as anatomy on new classes, coming along this year.

I am using Painter 12’s Real round Oil brush, but I believe the video could be interesting as well for those who use other programs.

Have fun with the video!

Bellow, you can download an EXCLUSIVE PACK with the original pencil sketch and final digital painting in hi-res, which you can use for exercise and learning purposes.


Here you see a water-soluble pastels traditional study I did in addition to the digital painting and also the begining of the pencil sketch you have for download.

The complete Portraiture Class course is available here.


  • Isis Sousa

    Hope you guys enjoy the classical portrait theme :)

  • Hugo JG Cárdenas

    Hi Isis Sousa, I get no class with u, but I did my best (I admire that kind of painting, same to you)… Any review, comments or feedback from you are trully accepted and welcome… THX! Nice Paint Isis!

    • Hugo JG Cárdenas

      Forgot the link… (@ Illustration part)

      • Isis Sousa

        Hi Hugo! The class is free for those members of the site, also there is free membership :) If you register, you’re able to see the video! I will check your portfolio and leave some comment :)

        Cheers! :)