Fantastic Beasts – “The Flag Dealer” with Marc Simonetti

Marc Simonetti strikes once again with the impressive time-lapse of his piece “The Flag Dealer” for IT’S ART seventh Fantasy Workshop with theme “Fantastic Beasts”. You can check previous episodes here in our Fantasy Workshop Archive

The time-lapse video doesn’t have audio, but you get many insights on seeing how Marc makes use of the programs Photoshop and Painter. Watch it on line below. IT’S ART Videos and Tutorials Members can downla the HD video here :Link

When I asked him why he switched from Photoshop to Painter and so on, here is what he said:

“I often like to change the software in the middle of a painting to refresh my view on it. I also like the way some Painter’s tools act, like the smeary bristle brush, the soft wine charcoal one, and the tools change the way you work on a an illustration.

So sometimes when I need to go on faster, and when I’m feeling blocked at some point in Photoshop, changing to painter gives me some “fresh air” somehow. Beside that I don’t feel like starting and finishing a picture outside of Photoshop right now… (For all of the layers mode and effects that makes it so effective and fast.)”

Bellow, you see the final result of this amazing work.

Flag dealer

A curiosity about the brilliance of “The Flag Dealer”: it breaks in a humorous tones once you observe the icons on the flags the guy is holding over the beast. They are a duck, Packman and a couple of Hello-Kitties. Marc says the beast itself is called “chipie”, which means something like “hello-kitty” translated to English!

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IT’S ART would like to thank
Marc Simonetti for being part of our Fantasy Workshop once more!