Dragons & Girls with Marius Bota

Marius Bota is an extremely versatile illustrator and concept artist. He paints humans and non-human characters, always in interesting environments and well-composed scenes. Marius also shows great technique on working the color palettes for his creations.

marius bota dragon rise

Registered IT’S ART members can now be inside this Romanian talent’s workflow with this very complet video class he prepared exclusively for the Fantasy Workshop.

Click here to see/download the HI RES finished image (for study purposes, only).


Bellow, you have a short interview, where you get to know more about this artist of the IT’S ART CG Gallery:

Marius, let’s start with the beginning: when and how did you start on art and digital painting?

I started painting digitally in 2007, after finding about it and at that point it seemed like the logical thing to do, since I really liked creating characters. That was the only thing that interested me at that point; I didn’t like illustration as much.

Can you share with us how was the process of you becoming the artist you are today? Which were your most important decisions and experiences?

Well, it all started with High school and that was a nice experience since I did pretty much everything, traditional painting, drawing and experimented a lot in sculpting as well. I actually sculpted and modeled for 6 years in every medium imaginable even trash hehe :), but I have to say the biggest decision that I will never regret was quitting art university and just deciding to learn by myself. And all this happened because of Dave Rapoza and the group he made, so big thanks to him for being such a huge figure in my development as an artist and I will also like to include Marko Djurdjevic he also had a big impact on me.

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