We’re really proud today to share with you this interview with the talented digital painter Isis Sousa. She is also member of our team by making digital painting tutorial and helping us with the CG Gallery.


Hi Isis. Today, I’m really glad to make this interview with you. I must admit I thought to make it sooner but the time wasn’t really going with me unfortunately. Better late than never…

Sebastien, I am truly honored in having the opportunity to speak to my favorite site /community. IT’S ART have a very important role in my development as artist. Many thanks for choosing me :)

So could you describe your background as an artist (not only as a digital artist if you started as a traditional painter for example or other artistic career just go with it)?

My background as artist started in my childhood. Since I can remember I have shown an artistic inclination. At the age of 11 I started to learn digital art/graphic design, but when it comes to painting, I used to paint and draw in traditional media until the age of 16. I used mainly several techniques of black ink, colored pencils, acrylics and charcoal over Canson.

What attracted you first with digital painting? I mean what put you on this particular way?

I was working with Graphic Design from the age of 16 until the age of 23. However it didn’t allow me to express my deepest thoughts and ideas so I decided to come back to the roots and retake illustration and painting. My husband suggested me to start using Painter and thrived ever since.

Every artist has his own style, inspiration sources I would even say his own universe. What’s yours and could you tell us more about it?

My style is very strange, because I developed it on my own. I have learned it through trial and error and even thought I like certain styles and motifs, I found out I’d better do something genuine and personal. Therefore I do mainly portraits and classical Fantasy characters. My work is most connected with Mythology and folk traditions.


Are you inspired by other artist (not only in digital painting)? Could you mention one of us?

At first I got inspired by great artists of the past, such as Michelangelo, Leonardo, Caravaggio, Rembrandt and so on. Once I discovered digital painting, my main inspiration were and are artists of today, such as David Gaillet, Alon Chou, Pierangelo Boog, Nick harris, Cris Delara, Fernando Ferreiro,  Felideus, and many others (such as those on my first artbook).

Do you keep learning a lot every day?

I try really hard to do a good learning of my every day. I learn a lot by observing what and how other artists do, but I learn a lot as well taking time to reflection and studying leadership and sel-development.

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