The Master Classes are an extension of all of the creative content we provide online at IAMAG. They’re a yearly snapshot of what the best artists have to offer, whether they’re animators, concept artists, VFX / FX artists, directors, all during 3 days in Paris, the city of art that never sleeps.

Artists who’ll attend will be able to attend the master classes, have their portfolios reviewed by artists, as well as companies seeking new talent.


Learn with Legendary Artists, with exclusive Master Classes and Workshops

  • George Hull
    George Hull
  • Anthony Eftekhari
    Anthony Eftekhari
  • Ian McQue
    Ian McQue
  • Sam Nielson
    Sam Nielson
  • Brian Flora
    Brian Flora
  • Kris Costa
    Kris Costa
  • Peter de Sève
    Peter de Sève
  • Daniel Gregoire
    Daniel Gregoire
  • Bastien Lecouffe Deharme
    Bastien Lecouffe Deharme
  • Carter Goodrich
    Carter Goodrich
  • Maggie Oh
    Maggie Oh
  • Goro Fujita
    Goro Fujita
  • Allan McKay
    Allan McKay
  • Marc Simonetti
    Marc Simonetti
  • Raphael Lacoste
    Raphael Lacoste
  • John Nevarez
    John Nevarez
  • James Paick
    James Paick
  • Victor Navone
    Victor Navone
  • Jama Jurabaev
    Jama Jurabaev
  • Michael Defeo
    Michael Defeo
  • Pascal Campion
    Pascal Campion
  • Who’s next ?
    Who’s next ?


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Credit : Raphael Lacoste ( Detail )


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Full Recruiters List to be Unveiled Soon !

Portfolio Reviews

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Learn with some of the best artists, get your portfolio reviewed by artists and companies, meet artists from all over the world, and experience our special creative evenings!

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Final Location will be unveiled December 10th. The Event will happen in the Center Of Paris


Schedule will start to be unveiled January 1st