Dash Dot Creations presents an Exclusive Exclusive Making of their latest commercial for CDA: Wrestler Christmas. Dash Dot Creations specializes in 3D animation and special effects. Our work can be seen in animations for advertisements, games, teasers, trailers and special effects. We own also Motion Capture system with 36 cameras and 3d live streaming option, as well as a developing section of VR/360.

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First concept and character expression was very inspiring and we knew the characters were a bullseye. After looking at them for a while I felt they werea bit too cartoony for what we I was looking for, so we decided to make them more realistic but at the same time keeping them in a certain cartoon expression area.


The modeling proces was not ment to be an acurate transfer of the concept. The final look was ment to be achieved during the modeling and sculpting stage. We wanted give a bit of development interpretation freedom to our modelers. We experimented with different body and facial shapes and proportions.


The rig was done in Maya besed on the Rapidrig system, with quite a lot modifications and addons. For tummy and chest bounce For the face we did a custom rig combined with phoneme blendshapes. We used the same rig template for the other characters with consistent colourcoding and control types.


One thing left was the hair – for the wrestler we wanted more roughness, more testosterone and what defines an alpha male better than body hair and unshaved beard. Not being fancy we used 3ds max Hair/Fur system as it works great with vray and prooved itself in many conditions. We are aware that its not a high end hair system but its built in and that feature turned out to be a virtue.


For Shading and rendering we used Vray 3.5


We started to sketch the room as soon as we could. At first it was chaotic with a lot of stuff going in in there. At one point was a space in that our unusual characters were not unusual. So we ha to make it more plain, more ordinary, more arranged so the characters would seem more imaginary and unusual.


Here is a sample shot progression from layout stage until the final composition. Because of the clients trust in our skills, we had the comfort of changing the animation even after the blocking stage. It was nice but it took revenge in when the deadline was approaching.


The main goal We wanted to achieve is ti differ the composition mood in the “horror scene Stage”. We wanted to keep the compositing stage as simle as possible.
We used render passes only as improvement and enhancement on top of the main pass. For the dust we used dust out of our footage library